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xHilaryDufx / The World Is Fat / 2011 
15th-Dec-2013 06:21 pm

The World Is Fat
genres: grindcore
Strees Trigers Reality
Dahmer Didn't Do It I Did
909 Grindviolence
Last Minute For The Minute Man
Forced To Be Fat
Rich Punx
Antonio Chavez Is A Faggot
Jesus Was Molested (Thats Why Priest Molest)
Equality Not Feminism
Thanx Killing Day
I Rape Little D-Beat Girls
Yo Girl Are U Into D-Beat.....
Drop Trucks Not Bombs
Im In xHilaryDufx
All I See Is BBW's
Hanna Montana Needs A Rapping
Lady GaGas Dick Is Bigger Than Mine
Love Aint Working For Me
Your A Screamo Faggot
Veterans Are Pussies
Fat Females Are Not Real People
Pull The Trigger
Slaying Ov The Calf
Doggy Day World
Matando Todo Los Border Patrols
An Elegy For The Federal Reserve

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